Garden Design

Realizing the garden of your dreams starts with a good conversation.
Critical questions, good listening and attention to detail form the basis of our garden design.

What’s involved in garden design?

As soon as the sun starts shining, we love being outside to enjoy the beauty of mother nature and our garden. We like to create our own personal ambiance outdoors, just as we do so thoughtfully inside our homes. That is why realizing your new garden always starts with mapping your dreams, desires and requirements. All we have to do afterwards is add the shape of your plot and size of your garden to form our starting point. And then we get to work! Striving to amaze you with an original design.

Your dream garden has its own personal ambiance. To make sure that your specific ambiance is reflected in your garden, choices have to be made. Fortunately here lies the strength of Buijtels Outstanding Gardens: each of our team members combines his passion for outdoor living with his professional skills. It is with great pleasure that we seek to advise our clients with all that’s involved with planting and decorating a garden. All you have to do is enjoy!

After the inventory we’re off to realize the garden design: during this process all ingredients will be united to create your dream garden. You will recognize our professionalism in choice of plants and garden materials as we always go for the best and most sustainable result. This will increase your garden enjoyment and also the value of your property.

Interested in a garden design?

Fill out the garden design request form without obligation and get in touch with one of our specialists.

Hans van de Kam

Garden design

Hans takes time bring wishes and ideas together in a well thought-out garden design that perfectly matches the environment.

Mandy Kelly

Garden design

Mandy is a valuable addition to the team. She is creative, enthusiastic and is a natural sketch-up talent.

Alexander Vermeulen

Garden design

Alexander is a very involved designer who works punctually and likes to think along in the bigger picture.

Martin Buijtels

Concept creator

Martin conjures up creative surprising garden ideas effortlessly. He can greatly appreciate the exuberant life and creative reuse of characteristic materials.

You’ve been dreaming of a new or improved garden for a while. You can already imagine the beautiful trees, decorative plants and maybe even a gorgeous water feature. But where do you start in planting your new garden?

It requires a lot of know-how to realize an outstanding garden. To go off the beaten track and know which plants to choose to complete a garden. And to make sure these plants are placed in the right spot where they get the right amount of sun or shade. It’s not a coincidence that “Each to his own ability” became a popular quote.

The skilled team members of Buijtels Outstanding gardens share one big passion: gardens. They see right through difficult shapes and measurements, know what choices to make in planting and materials and they know how to create the right ambiance. Not only do we offer you an astonishing garden design, we also bring a competent and warm work style.

We draw your dream garden based on your plot and desires. We create a unique domain that fits the style of your house, lifestyle and surroundings. The value of your property will increase and you will experience more enjoyment in and around your home. If you wish to wait a little before realizing your dream garden, we can work step-by-step. Nothing is impossible for Buijtels Outstanding Gardens!

A good garden design is a perfect first step to realize the garden of your dreams.

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